JDR48: Response to Cellulite Rose’s Show Hi-Vis Lo-Res at RM Gallery.

“Is it that we code this off-ramp in orange as somehow an accident, or an accident waiting to happen, or is it that the site itself is somehow already a type of emergency. It certainly retains a kind of dormancy in its abandoned state. Could we not say then that this off-ramp is pregnant with meaning, that it hosts an emergent potential. Is it in this way that the lo-res aspect of Rose’s title refers to the unfinished quantity of the spare bridge. Is it unrealised? Briefly sketched? Perhaps then that hackneyed idea of it being a rib we can take to make new life isn’t so bad. At the very least this defunct off-ramp provides a type of nourishment, both as the motorway’s supplement, not just an exaggeration that exposes the systemic organism it is part of — how entangled that goes, like Carl Andre’s road — but also as something of a farce, something poorly resolved. Not something badly planned, nor badly implemented, but a supplement sitting there, waiting — not for absolution or an apology even — but for a kind of resolution”.   

(sold out).