JDR 51
August 2013

"If we take a sign of life to be the ability to draw attention to oneself, to express a certain consciousness, what happens when we insist that the city constantly writes its own story. Be that through the daily newspaper, or the syndicated magazines, deploying its journalists like so many lieutenants, succumbing them to the passivity of mere functionaries ... perhaps that legibility is too obvious, we pass it by too easily. What then might we say of the story of our trash. Could we not say that our rubbish heaps are not just indexes of consumption, but also forms of writing. How easily we could spread such similar sentiments over graffiti, that form of writing we say is the language of the dispossessed. Of a habituation that is disenfranchised... Looked at from the point of view of circulation we can see that such writing points to the much larger story of the city, one that is multiple, that includes humans but is not limited to them. That’s the story that makes the city something more than just where humans work and live. It’s the story the city is writing itself."

30pp (colour).
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