jdr 38: 'the land of birds' - douglas reid

'land of birds is an evocative term that defines pre-human Aotearoa and figures as the opening chapter in the historic, scientific and imaginative true fable of these islands. The land of birds mythos draws on the integral importance of native bird life in Kiwi culture, appearing in mostly Pakeha literature of ornithologists, natural historians and conservationists as an epic cinemative tale of timeless Pacific Eden ...'

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jdr 37; 'marking wilderness display' - hamish win

'what we need is a much more dynamic understanding of an urban ecology that stands out as the potentially hospitable terrain of and for nature. No longer are we to imagine the urban yard as the acculturated domain of an exclusionary humanistic world, but as the crucial and perhaps foundational platform upon which human's can play an interdependent role. How to celebrate this, given its mundane conceit, is though, an incredibly tricky proposition for a culture predicated on the sensational and recreational diversion of nature-as-scenery'

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