jdr 35: beachcomber devolution (essay hawthorne fuller, drawings mark braunias)

' don't their bellies show signs, or better yet, the continuity of morphing creatures _ at a time when, as Donna Haraway points out, it is widely acknowledged that only 10% of the human body is said to be unique to its subject, then surely the very notion of a human singularity is more and more suspect _ I mean, should we take this other 90% that is said to act symbiotically with "us" seriously _ could it be possible that this enmeshment of alert and lively prehensive life manifestly cobbled into both the enabled and enabling flesh of our well-being acts as a propeller that might help us to imagine the hyper fluid lives Braunias draws _____'

32 colour pages, one wrap around essay as cover -single tone variations ...
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